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When should I get my haircut and color before my wedding?

Your bridal outfit should make you look more beautiful and radiant than ever. That is why you are  inspired by the catalogs of wedding dresses 2019; waiting to find the perfect model that allows you, in turn, to choose the wedding shoes that best harmonize with it. 

Regarding wedding hairstyles, you may be undecided. Do you wear a veil? Do you bet on a headdress? When to get my haircut and color before wedding? Long or short mane?

If you doubt between cutting your hair before the wedding or letting it grow, here are some tips that can be of great help when choosing.

Decide your hairstyle

Until you are clear about this point, do not make any decisions. Think if you want to wear a hairstyle for loose hair with a long mane or, even, with short hair, if you opt for one of the many options in braids for weddings that require having long hair. You even must change color hair before wedding as well.

If you do not know what color and which hairstyle to choose for a wedding, then balayage straight hair would be the best option, read more in this article.

Let yourself be advised by the hairdresser

They are image professionals and will help you find the hairstyle that best fits the shape of your face and the style and neckline of the dress.

Keep in mind, for example, that a good way to disguise a round face is with a semi-pick with tufts falling on both sides or, if you prefer, with a high pickup because, when giving volume, it creates a more balanced face effect.

For its part, a low pick is highly recommended if the back of the dress is only semi-open, as it will be if you are going to wear a romantic and feminine wedding dress with sweetheart neckline. In the event that you opt for an asymmetrical neckline, a side hairstyle will greatly favor you.

The eternal doubt: Does cutting the ends stimulate growth?

If your intention is for the hair to grow, ignore the myth that cutting the ends will make your hair grow faster. This will help keep it healthy but does not affect growth. In any case, take note of this data: on average you should clean your tips every four months.

Nothing to cut for the healthy

Unless you are very convinced, avoid making a radical look change a few weeks after the link. You may want to jump into the pool, but it is suggested that you do it gradually, to see if you feel comfortable. Try how about a few centimeters less. You will always be on time to cut more if you feel beautiful!

The choice of hairstyle is a primary issue in your wedding look. So after choosing the best cut or color my hair before wedding, surely have more free time to order the perfect wedding bouquet and accompany your partner in the search for a wedding suit that fits both his physique and his personality. You will be both amazing!