Bristol project promotes green heat

A community centre in Bristol has been equipped with an innovative renewable heating system. The technology in Easton Community Centre captures air sourced heat, stores it underground beneath a local park, and releases it in colder months to the centre. The air source heat pumps charge an inter-seasonal thermal energy store borehole, which supplies heat in winter via a heat network.

The project includes plans to extend the heat supply to neighbouring homes and has been delivered by the CHOICES consortium. Environmental consultant Eunomia carried out the feasibility study for the project and welding specialist CEPRO, cleantech company ICAX, the University of Bath and community group Easton Energy Group developed the system.

Analysis of the costs and benefits of the approach by Eunomia anticipates annual carbon savings of 38% and energy savings of up to 64% in the first year of operation.

The CHOICES project was funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as part of the heat networks demonstrator programme.

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