Affinity Sutton, Moat and NEF win retrofit funding

The Energiesprong net-zero housing refurbishment initiative has won more than £4m European funding to scale up its programme in the UK, France and the Netherlands, and more than £1m of the funding is going to UK partners, affordable housing providers Affinity Sutton and Moat Housing Group, and the National Energy Foundation (NEF).

Energiesprong’s approach includes such features as rapid installation and a 30-year performance warranty. The improvement can be financed mainly through resulting guaranteed savings in energy costs. Developed in the Netherlands, the programme has delivered more than 800 net-zero energy refurbishments and has started delivery on a further 111,000 as part of an agreement between housing associations and builders.

The £4.23m EU grant, through the Interreg North West Europe programme, will be used to co-fund early market retrofits and allow the independent Energiesprong market development teams in the UK, France and the Netherlands to put in place market conditions for net-zero energy refurbishments to take place at scale. The Interreg funding bid was undertaken by Energiesprong UK on behalf of all the project partners. Nearly £1.4m is allocated to three of the participating partners in the UK – Affinity Sutton, Moat Housing Group and NEF.

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