Nissan previews home energy storage unit

Carmaker Nissan and power management company Eaton have joined forces to launch a home energy storage unit (shown in photo). The xStorage unit, which is available to pre-order from September, can be connected to conventional power supply or renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. It can charge when renewable energy is available or energy is cheaper, such as at night, releasing stored energy when needed.

The unit is set up by a certified installer and has smartphone connectivity, to allow consumers to flick easily between energy sources. It is powered by 12 Nissan electric vehicle (EV) battery modules, providing a sustainable re-use for them after their first life in cars is over. The unit will be marketed at a starting price of £3,200 for 4.2KWh.

In the same week, Solarcentury launched a solar panel system for homes, which boasts good looks at an affordable price. The Sunstation system sits in the roof rather than protruding from it like traditional systems. The company says automated manufacture has helped to reduce costs.

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