Business wants energy saving grants

Government grants could be key to helping businesses install energy efficiency measures, a survey has found. The survey of more than 2000 businesses by business body British Chambers of Commerce and British Gas also highlighted the challenge that leasing or renting commercial premises gives business tenants little influence over energy efficiency improvements on their site.

The survey’s key findings are:

  • 36% of those surveyed feel that the most important thing the government could do for business is provide grants towards the cost of installing energy efficiency measures
  • Only 8% feel more information would help them, and 4% say financing options such as lease agreements and low-cost loans would help
  • 13% of businesses have seen a decrease in their energy costs over the last three years, compared to 35% that have seen prices rise, and 37% with little or no change
  • When asked what is preventing businesses from investing in energy efficiency measures, 23% of the largest firms said that other investments were taking priority, compared with 13% overall, and 15% of businesses say savings would not be worth the cost of investment
  • 27% of respondents that rent their premises say they have no influence on energy efficiency improvements
  • 6% say the wider use of smart meters is the most important thing that government and suppliers could do to help firms.

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