Pension funds call for EPCs to become basis for electronic building passport

A group of more than 100 pension funds and asset managers across Europe has called on the European Union to set a binding long term goal to bring the buildings sector to nearly zero energy standard by 2050. The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) also wants to see energy performance certificates (EPCs) transformed from a static into a dynamic tool.

The group was responding to current proposals to revise two EU directives on energy efficiency and energy performance of buildings. It wants the principle of continuous improvement to be applied to retrofitting existing buildings by leveraging EPCs. Its views are summed up in a paper, Transforming the sustainability of Europe’s building stock.

On EPCs, IIGCC members recommend:

  • The introduction of EPCs that cover both the design performance and the operational performance of buildings
  • Making EPC certificates available electronically, so that they could then be used for an operational performance ‘rate and display’ approach, becoming the foundation of an electronic building passport
  • EPC providers should be stripped of their accreditation if found to be non-compliant.

Stephanie Pfeifer, chief executive, IIGCC said: “2016 is year when the EU must move swiftly via its 2030 framework for climate and energy to implement the policy changes necessary to realise the pledges made at the historic Paris climate conference (COP 21). Energy efficiency improvements in the European property sector must form a key part of any strategy for delivering the overall EU objective of greenhouse gas emissions neutrality by 2050.”

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