Government set to slash more housebuilding red tape

Government has launched a review aimed at cutting more of the rules and regulations surrounding housebuilding. The new Cutting Red Tape review launched by the Cabinet Office will focus on environmental requirements, roads and utilities, and on EU rules. It follows on from the housing and construction red tape challenge, which announced the removal of a string of regulations three years ago.

The review will look at the way the law is enforced, as well as whether the rules are proportionate and fit for purpose. Key starting points are:

  • Roads and infrastructure rules for new housing developments
  • Environmental requirements, particularly EU rules such as the Habitats Directive and wider EU environmental permit requirements
  • Rules affecting utilities, such as electricity, gas and water – as well as broadband infrastructure)

The government is also keen to look at the changes made to the Construction, Design and Management Regulations, as well as any examples of EU rules that industry feels are being implemented too strictly.

Business secretary Sajid Javid said: “This review will give housebuilders and smaller construction businesses a powerful voice as part of our £10bn deregulation drive. Where rules are too complicated, ineffective or poorly enforced, I want to hear about it and the government will take action”.

The evidence gathering phase of review will run for eight weeks and close on 13 January 2016.

Businesses can feed back their thoughts by posting comments on the Cutting Red Tape website, via Twitter to @CutRedTapeUK #CutRedTape, by email to or by post.

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