UKGBC puts spotlight on healthy homes

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has launched a task group examining health and wellbeing in homes, bringing together more than 30 UKGBC members, from architects and developers to housebuilders and housing associations.

The task group will look at:

  • The evidence base – Does robust evidence exist of the health and wellbeing benefits of well-designed, sustainable homes? Where are the gaps?
  • Developing common metrics – How can we measure health and wellbeing outcomes in residential buildings? What metrics and indices should be used?
  • Linking benefits to value – Where evidence of health and wellbeing benefits does exist, does this translate into financial ‘value’?
  • Guidance and best practice – What guidance and best practice information on green building features that enhance health and wellbeing currently exists? And what marketing messages resonate with consumers?

The final report of the task force will be launched at an industry event in autumn of next year.

A separate task group on health and wellbeing in retail buildings is being led by UKGBC as part of the World Green Building council’s Better places for people campaign.

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