Committee to scrutinise government’s approach to sustainable development

The government’s approach to sustainable development is the subject of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee’s first inquiry of this parliament

The committee will be exploring what impact the new government’s fiscal and legislative agenda will have on sustainable development. It will be looking to establish themes for its work during the parliament and measures against which the Government’s success can be judged. The evidence received for this inquiry will feed into the committee’s work over the course of this parliament.

It is inviting responses on the following:

  • What key policies are needed over the course of this parliament to adequately protect the environment, promote growth in the low carbon sector and improve wellbeing?
  • Does the government’s current fiscal and legislative agenda accord with the action required and, if not, why not and where might it be improved?
  • Where should responsibility lie in government for ensuring the sustainable development approach is adopted by all government departments?
  • What metrics could the committee use to monitor the government’s performance on sustainable development over the course of the parliament?

Deadline for submissions is 2 September 2015.

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