Savills to compile ultimate listing of London’s public brownfield land

The London Land Commission has embarked on the process of freeing up surplus public land in the capital for housebuilding, with consultant Savills being appointed to compile the preliminary stages of a list of brownfield public land in London, to be completed by the end of this year. Once collected, the Greater London Authority will use the data to map the spread of sites across the city.

The commission was announced by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Chancellor George Osborne in February as part of the long-term economic plan for London, and has been awarded £1m in initial funding by government. The move to establish a commission comes soon after a series of announcements by the Chancellor on planning reforms designed to speed up development of brownfield land in London.

The commission will work across layers of government and public bodies to develop strategies for unlocking public land for development. It will identify priority areas for future growth and co-ordinate efforts to fast-track the process. Its inaugural meeting at City Hall was attended by London Councils, NHS England, Transport for London and Network Rail with participation at the highest levels from other bodies such as the Department of Health.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: “The commission’s work will be vital in coordinating the efforts of a whole raft of public bodies to achieve this important goal, helping to cut through the red tape that has kept valuable land tied up for too long.”

Housing minister Brandon Lewis said: “The London Land Commission will bring a joined up approach to land release in the capital – regenerating brownfield land and providing more homes, whilst continuing to protect the green belt around our capital.”

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