Queen’s Speech to include right to buy extension and right to build

The government will bring forward its plans to extend right to buy to 1.3m housing association tenants in this week’s Queen’s Speech. The new housing bill will also include a right to build to make it easier for people to carry out self and custom build housebuilding projects.

Under the right to buy policy receipts from selling a home to a tenant will help build replacement affordable homes on a one-for-one basis. The bill will also require councils to sell their most expensive housing when it falls vacant, with the receipts used to provide new affordable homes in the same area, and the surplus used to fund the right to buy for housing association tenants. Remaining funds will be invested in a new brownfield regeneration fund dedicated to increasing the supply of new housing on previously used sites.

First-time buyers will be further helped by plans to deliver 200,000 starter homes, which will be available at a 20% discount to first-time buyers under 40.

The right to build will help increase housing supply and diversify the housing sector by giving people the right to be allocated land with planning permission for them to self-build or commission a local builder to build a home. Under the policy, councils will be required to identify and release shovel-ready plots so people don’t have to wait years to get work under way.

Communities secretary Greg Clark said the housing bill will “create a level playing field” to ensure any social tenant wanting to buy their home would have the opportunity to do so at the same levels of discount – regardless of whether they live in a council or housing association property.

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