Going green begins at home for Skanska

Skanska has completed its greenest ever UK project, which involved rebuilding its own premises in Doncaster.

The company has remodelled its Bentley Works to create a modern office with fabrication and maintenance facilities that play to the industry’s offsite prefabrication agenda. The facilities have been designed to have a near zero impact on the environment.

During the construction phase the company says no hazardous materials were used and zero waste was sent to landfill.

Green features of the facility include:

  • Maximum natural light and cooling
  • Solar panels to generate energy
  • Dual-fuel biomass heating system – using waste oil from machinery
  • Low-water-use fixtures and fittings
  • Rainwater harvesting – used to cool fan-coil units and rig wash
  • Sustainable surface water drainage system
  • Landscape features
  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • LED lighting
  • Net zero primary energy performance, as defined by Skanska’s own Color Palette approach.

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