Insulation and broadband: what the homeseeker wants

Good insulation has come top of a wishlist of home energy efficiency measures in a survey of 2,000 UK home seekers, sellers and occupants carried out by OnePoll. The survey was carried out for property consultant Strutt & Parker for its latest trends report, which looks at respondents’ lifestyles and aspirations.

When asked what, if any, energy efficiency elements they would like in their home, participants’ responses were simple with their top three wishes being:

  • Good insulation
  • Double/triple glazed windows
  • An energy performance certificate rating of grade D or higher – Grade D is around the current average for a UK home.

Overall, the most sought-after feature in a home was broadband connectivity, with nearly 36% of respondents who were intending to move listing it as important or very important in their motivations for moving.

The research also sought participants’ views on the demographic trends and housing solutions driving the UK’s residential market. It asked participants whether they would consider living in the following housing solutions, with very mixed reactions:

  • Urban micro-homes of 100-250sq ft: 15% said they would live in them
  • Adaptable homes that can change with you, eg, with walls that can be moved easily: 39% said they would live in them
  • ‘Platinum places’ – mixed communities in town that suit the demands of retiring baby boomers: 38% said they would live in them
  • A bigger, better quality private rented sector: 26% were in favour
  • Healthy homes, promoting wellbeing through the home and its natural surroundings: 53% said they would live in them.

Stephanie McMahon, head of research at Strutt & Parker said: “Our creeping trends identify that single occupied households and alternative family households are growing, the younger generation is more open to the idea of renting and those moving into retirement are seeking more interactive environments. The impact of these trends inevitably means that in the future the homes we plan, design, build and live in must be different”.

To download the full report, Housing futures: Key trends shaping the residential market, click here.

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