BIM uptake plateaus but industry still believes it’s the future

Industry uptake of building information modelling (BIM) has faltered over the past year, according to the latest NBS National BIM Report. The drop comes in spite of the fact that government has set the target for BIM level 2 to be used on public sector projects by 2016 in a bid to drive greater efficiency in industry.

This is the first time uptake has fallen since government set that target, with the latest National BIM report reporting a modest decline from 54% to 48%. The report, which is now in its fifth year, says that this small drop should not be seen as evidence of a decline, but as “a plateau before the 2016 deadline for BIM adoption”. It points out that increasing workloads may also mean companies have less time to invest in new processes and software. The report concludes: “We suspect that we are at the midpoint of the adoption curve and will see more rapid adoption in the coming years, as and when BIM demonstrates its real-world value.”

Key findings of the report, which is based on a survey of UK building design professionals, are:

  • 83% of respondents say they will be using BIM in a years’ time, when the government’s target is reached. 95% say they will be using it in five years’ time
  • 59% say that they have reached level 2 BIM, up from 51% last year
  • 71% are using the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, which organises the process of briefing, designing, constructing, operating and using buildings
  • 75% are working collaboratively on projects, with 68% producing 3D models and 54% sharing models outside of their organisations. These are criteria for level 2 BIM
  • 77% agree BIM is the future of project information, but at the same time 67% agree the industry is not yet clear enough on what BIM is
  • 63% believe BIM will help bring a reduction in both capital and whole life building costs
  • 54% believe BIM will help reduce the time taken to take a building from inception to completion
  • 41% think BIM will help reduce carbon emissions
  • 28% think BIM will help reduce our construction product trade gap.

The full report is available here.

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