Canary Wharf selects innovation pilots

Innovators Polysolar and Voyage Control are the first two winners in Canary Wharf Group’s (CWG) smart cities accelerator, the Cognicity Challenge. The innovators competed in a 12-week accelerator programme at Canary Wharf under the sustainable buildings and integrated transportation streams of the competition.

The programme aims to fast-track promising smart city technology businesses though workshops, mentoring and networking opportunities. At the end of the programme each entrant delivers a business plan and pitches to CWG executives, and the winning projects are taken forward to the pilot stage. The winners each receive a £50,000 prize and the opportunity to pilot their technology in Canary Wharf.

The winner of the sustainable buildings stream, Polysolar, has developed transparent, thin-film solar photovoltaic glass panels that can be integrated into a building’s external structure to generate clean energy. Their solution can be retrofitted into existing buildings and integrated into new-builds. The Cambridge-based firm has already completed projects for the Barbican and the Future Business Centre.

The winner of the integrated transportation stream, Voyage Control, aims to optimise the freight industry through advanced logistics management, tracking and data-gathering.

Of the remaining ten companies, 8point3 LED, Pavegen and PIE Mapping were all given highly honourable mentions.

At the same time the challenge has chosen 12 companies as finalists to compete in the connected home and virtual design and construction streams of the programme.

The finalists selected for the connected home accelerator stream are:

  • Block Dox: a system that allows residents to perform everyday tasks via an app, like contacting reception and arranging repairs
  • Canary Control: a cloud-based heating control system that combines multiple sources of data to manage internal temperatures intelligently
  • Current Table: a company that combines form and function by integrating solar panel technology into a smart piece of furniture
  • Domcontrols: a platform that allows the user to monitor and control devices remotely by connecting separate electronic devices throughout the home
  • Heat Genius: a system that controls temperatures through zoning technology. The system learns occupancy patterns and adjusts temperatures accordingly
  • Puckily: a system that allows users to control internet of things devices around the home from a single interface.

The finalists for the virtual design and construction accelerator stream are:

  • 3D Repo: technology that connects the stakeholders in construction projects by providing an open-source collaborative platform
  • BaseStone: a system that allows workers to remotely share data from a construction site in real time
  • CyberCity 3D, Inc: a geospatial-modeling innovator that specialises in the production of smart 3D building models
  • iBISM: technology that integrates different communication protocols in the BMS sector to create a more connected planning process
  • Intelle Innovations: a platform that produces real-time, editable virtual environments, which can be displayed on a variety of devices to support and inform the planning process
  • Simudyne: a virtual decision-making platform for developers that can act as a sandbox during the planning process.

These programmes have been specifically chosen to address the future development of the Canary Wharf estate – including the new phase, previously known as Wood Wharf – which will include residential units for the first time. The first phase of the development is expected to be completed by 2020 and innovative virtual design and construction technology is set to inform its design and development, while connected home innovators could help shape the next generation of live-work development at Canary Wharf.

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