Brownfield available for 226,000 homes by 2019 says RICS

There is enough brownfield land available in England to build 226,000 homes by 2019 but there are key obstacles to development, says a new report published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The report Making more brownfield land available for housing looks at barriers to housebuilding on brownfield land. It takes Nottingham as a representative case study of major cities in England outside of London, carrying out a detailed analysis of 30 brownfield sites there.

The analysis shows a range of constraints on housebuilding. While some of these are relatively minor, others are more significant, due to their cost implications or time taken to resolve, and can seriously hinder or derail a scheme.

Significant constraints include:

  • Poor market conditions
  • Derelict structures
  • Contamination and underground issues
  • Land ownership issues
  • Difficulties with planning negotiations.

The report sets out policy recommendations, focusing on planning and funding, on how to make more brownfield land available for housing.

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