Back us and we will deliver 180,000 homes by 2025, say London’s largest housing associations

The g15 group of London’s largest housing associations is planning to build 93,000 new homes in London and the south by 2025, but say they will double this building programme with more government support.

The pipeline of 93,000 homes, set out in the g15’s new 2025 Vision for London manifesto, consists of identified development opportunities, landholdings and business plan targets from the 15 associations. This includes 79,000 homes in the capital and 14,000 in the south. The homes will consist of roughly 35% affordable rented homes, 35% shared ownership for first-time buyers, and 30% for sale or rent on the open market.

The manifesto says that with additional support from the Mayor and government, the g15 could double the homes they build, bringing the total to around 180,000. This would require additional investment in affordable housing, greater incentives to release public land for development and flexibility in setting rents so housing associations can protect the most vulnerable and strike a fair deal based on tenants’ ability to pay.

The g15 members are working on some of the capital’s most high-profile developments, including the Aylesbury Estate regeneration in Southwark, residential developments across Nine Elms, and the Athletes’ Village and Chobham Manor on the Olympic Park.

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