Tata launches lightweight super steel

Tata Steel has launched a lightweight structural steel tube product, which it says will allow construction teams to use smaller foundations and fewer temporary structures.

The steel used to make Celsius® 420 hollow sections has a high yield strength (420 megapascals), enabling structural engineers to reduce the weight of the structural hollow sections they use by 17%, compared with Tata Steel’s Celsius® 355 products.

The chemical properties of the product mean it can be easily welded, despite its additional strength. This property means high-strength structures can be fabricated without changing standard weld procedures. Sections are made from strip produced at Tata Steel’s plants in South Wales, which is formed into hot-finished tubes at the company’s Hartlepool and Corby mills in the UK.

Jonathan Clemens, head of marketing, construction & infrastructure for Tata Steel’s European operations, said: “Being a hot-finished welded product with added strength, Celsius® 420 offers customers big advantages through lower material costs, good weldability and improved performance because of the high degree of uniformity in wall thickness.

“Customers can reduce the weight of the material they use, which gives additional benefits in terms of reduced building infrastructure requirements.”

The new range of circular, square, rectangular and elliptical hollow sections entered production late last year and customer trials are now in progress.

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