Tech will make the future workplace healthier

Technology could make our future workplace environments healthier, a property consultant has suggested. Alastair Mant, head of sustainability at GVA put forward the view at a recent London conference. Mant said: “As technology enables people to be more conscious as to the health impacts of both their actions and what they put in to their bodies it would be natural to expect people to also measure the impacts of external influences, namely the environments in which they work and live. VOC [volatile organic compounds], CO2, particulate matter, light and sound levels are all now measurable and known to impact health and productivity”.

He continued: “Today, 20% of UK adults use a wearable device or health-related mobile app and 40% are interested in using a device that tracks heart rate, blood pressure and movement. Widespread information on the health risks of MSG [monosodium glutamate] and hydrogenated fats has led to producers designing them out of foods in response to consumer demand.”

Mant was speaking at the London conference, Tomorrow’s city in the internet age – a challenge for the property industry, organised as part of a series of events by law firm Wedlake Bell.

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