Home test for hybrid photovoltaic-thermal technology

North East of England housing group Gentoo Group is to trial a solar panel that combines solar thermal and photovoltaic (PV) technologies to generate both hot water and electricity.

The Solar Angel panel is claimed to be more efficient than a standard PV panel as it generates both hot water and electricity by absorbing a larger percentage of energy from the sun. In turn, the hot water generated cools down the panel, increasing the efficiency of the electrical generation.

The panels are being installed in a Gentoo social housing property in Washington, Tyne and Wear, this month, and the trial will run for 12 months. This will be the first Solar Angel installation on a social housing property, as a result of partnership working between Gentoo, Northumberland solar technology company Natural Technology Developments (NTD) and County Durham based PV provider, Romag.

Paul Laidler, managing director, NTD, said: “The objective of the trial is to evaluate and measure the performance of the panel and the cost savings to the customer, before potentially rolling this out to further Gentoo properties.”

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