London needs more affordable homes for larger families

London Mayor Boris Johnson is neglecting the needs of the capital’s larger families by failing to set targets for larger family-sized affordable homes, the London Assembly housing committee has been told.

One in four London children are living in overcrowded homes, according to housing charity Shelter, yet only 8% of affordable homes funded by the Mayor between 2011 and 2014 have four bedrooms or more. Between April 2011 and March 2014, 2,425 Greater London Authority funded affordable homes built had four or more bedrooms out of a total of 31,242 homes funded.

The 2013 London strategic housing market assessment identified that 18% of affordable housing in London needs to have four bedrooms or more.

Assembly member and chair of the housing committee Darren Johnson said: “London has a severe overcrowding problem, with 391,000 children living in overcrowded conditions. Today’s figures show that not enough is being done by the Mayor to build larger, family-sized affordable homes in London”.

Johnson added: “We will follow this up with the Mayor and call for more regular publication of affordable housing data, so we can keep close tabs on the types of homes the Mayor is funding.”


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