Strategic facilities management could save business £1bn

UK businesses could be losing out on savings of nearly £1bn because of their failure to adopt a more effective approach to facilities management (FM), new research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) suggests. Its research found that around 26% of organisations in the UK are still not taking a strategic approach to FM. It says that if they did adopt such an approach they could be saving themselves as much as £120,000 on average.

The research conducted with 707 small, medium and large organisations from across the public and private sectors found:

  • Half of those in the private sector said that strategic FM has saved their organisation money – with many reporting the positive impact it has had on their profitability (39%) and turnover (48%)
  • Of those who use strategic FM, three in five (59%) said their organisation had seen an increase in overall productivity, with 49% saying that the attractiveness of their organisation to clients or customers had been boosted by it. Around a fifth (21%) said that employee absence in their organisation had decreased as a result of strategic FM
  • In the government sector, 70% of those respondents that use strategic FM said they had seen an overall increase in productivity, with a further 71% saying they had also seen an increase in employee engagement.

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