Construction’s future: Robotics, recycling and data

Q-bot floor insulation robot

The innovators behind a retrofitting robot, an eco aggregate for concrete and a high-performance insulation material were among those pitching to investors this week at the Smart Future London conference at the capital’s City Hall.

The event, organised by Cleantech Investor, provided opportunities for businesses targeting smart cities markets – including retrofit and smart building materials and big data and building information – to pitch their innovations to investors.

Businesses showcasing their innovations included:

  • Q-Bot, which is developing intelligent tools or robots for use in areas that are highly difficult and disruptive to access, notably floor insulation (shown above)
  • Novagg, which has worked with Imperial College London and an industrial partner to develop a green lightweight aggregate, made from 98% recycled waste
  • Izoltec, which is developing a vacuum super insulation. The insulation comprises a filler material with a very high voids ratio bounded by a sealed thin-walled envelope
  • EnergyDeck, which offers a web-based tool that makes energy and consumption data easily accessible and actionable
  • Enermap, the university research project that has grown into a business, now incubated at Imperial College London, which creates maps based on energy performance certificate data
  • Moixa Technology and Moixa Energy, whose innovations include smart energy monitoring and control, and smart DC micronets
  • Carbon Analytics, which was formed by a group of University of Oxford graduates and provides a carbon footprinting, benchmarking and supplier engagement service.

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