EU leaders urged to adopt 40% energy efficiency target

There has been a flurry of lobbying activity in advance of this week’s meeting of EU leaders to agree future climate and energy policy. Action is aimed at influencing leaders to adopt stretching 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emissions levels, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

European leaders are currently considering 2030 climate and energy framework targets of 40% for greenhouse gas emission reduction, 27% for renewables and 30% for energy efficiency. In a letter to European Council president Herman Van Rompuy, major manufacturers in the building industry have joined forces to call for a 40% energy efficiency target. The letter states, “At a time of competitiveness concerns and fears about the affordability of the package, energy efficiency offers a compelling opportunity to reconcile growth and climate needs.” The letter comes from the European Alliance to Save Energy, whose members include such big names as Rockwool, Philips and Siemens.

At the same time, a study by the European Climate Foundation has stressed the need for policy to promote green innovation and growth from low carbon industries. The analysis by EY, published in the report, Europe’s low carbon industries: A health check, finds that policy direction is critical for low carbon industries. It warns, “As new players enter the markets, Europe’s windows of opportunity are narrowing. Long-term targets to create an attractive investment climate, and targeted policy to allow European businesses to foster their positioning along value chains thus become crucial.”

The EU leaders’ summit takes place on 23 and 24 October.

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