Londoners not so NIMBY

Three quarters of Londoners believe there is a shortage of housing in the capital and more than half think there should be more housebuilding in their area. These are among the key findings of a YouGov poll, commissioned by cost consultant Turner and Townsend with business champion London First.

The poll challenges the common perception that the public are universally anti-housebuilding in their area, and helps explain political dividing lines on the issue. It finds that 92% of councillors accept that there is a housing shortage in the capital, but Conservative councillors emerge as most concerned about adverse public reaction to housebuilding. Nearly 60% of Conservative councillors in the capital believed more housebuilding would result in less support from voters. Only 17% of Labour voters feared such a reaction. Just over 40% of members of the public participating in the poll said that they would look on politicians more favourably if they backed housebuilding in their area.

The YouGov poll surveyed housing perceptions of four key groups in the capital: employers, employees, general public and local councillors. The findings are published in the report: Moving out – How London’s housing shortage is threatening the capital’s competitiveness.

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