Landscaping grows profit, developers told

The Landscape Institute has launched a guide showing developers and housebuilders how good quality landscaping can help raise client perceptions, increase sales prices, deliver better sales rates and make places more desirable.

The report, Profitable places, pulls together evidence on the impact of good landscaping. It highlights research by CABE Space (now part of the Design Council) which found that views or proximity to parks could lift property values by more than a third, as well as research by property consultant Savills, which showed that investing in landscaping within and around development could increase property prices. The report features positive examples of well landscaped developments, including Cambridge’s Accordia housing scheme, which incorporates around three times the green space of a typical development.

President of the Landscape Institute, Noel Farrer said: “The need for new housing has never been greater.  But people want to live in desirable housing, not just any housing.

“Ultimately, good quality landscape design can make places more desirable and developing desirable housing delivers benefits for everyone – from residents to developers.”

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