Why build positive?

Homes described as boxes, suburbs dismissed as sprawl and buildings as eyesores or even carbuncles. It is common to see our buildings as having a negative impact on our environment.

But the fact is that we need buildings. They are where we live, work, educate our children, heal our sick and more. So Buildpositive is dedicated to sharing news, views and learning to help make our built environment better for people.

Whether new construction or refurbished, buildings need to be economical to run and comfortable in winter and summer, sustainable and capable of withstanding the extremes of future climate, smart to facilitate the use of modern technology, user-focused to function for the different lifestyles and ages of occupants, and look beautiful. They need to sit within cities, towns and communities that are vibrant, provide opportunities for employment and leisure, have affordable integrated transport systems, and green and open spaces.

On Buildpositive I’ll be looking at the research, the data, the construction projects and the innovations that are addressing these issues and more.

Why not join me on the journey.

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